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 demand, data from national statistics institute Insee showed.The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) predicted in its last interim outlook t

hat French econom▓y would expand by 1.3 percent this year, above 1.1-percent expected across the broader eurozone thanks to "signi▓ficant reform agenda."It said that if ful

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ly i▓mplemented Macron's reforms could boost GDP per capita by 3.2 percent at a 10-year horizon and would mostly benefit middle- and lower-income households in the medium term.The rosy economic ▓indicators seemed to have boosted Macron's ambition to

modernize the countr▓y and keep the economic momentum, but at the ▓same time, his reform drive ignited domestic discontent.HEADWIND AHEADElected on a ticket to help businesses, the French president had been changing labor code, inje▓cting dynamism into public services and in

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of 2019 thanks t

stitutions and reforming rail sector and education system, areas where he wa▓s facing fierce opposition that drew thousands to the country's streets in addi▓tion to s

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